Vampire Research Society

International Society For The Advancement Of Irrefutable Vampirological And Lycanthropic Research



The Vampire Research Society originated in 1967 as a specialist unit within the much older British Occult Society ~ an organisation for paranormal and occult investigation that was eventually dissolved on 8 August 1988. Seán Manchester was responsible for the vampire research unit becoming a self-governing body on 2 February 1970 by which time he had initiated, as president of the BOS, a full-time investigation into the Highgate Vampire case in 1969. It would last thirteen years. The first published account of the case (including the initial discovery of the suspect tomb and a spoken exorcism) was given in The Vampire’s Bedside Companion* (Leslie Frewin, 1975; Coronet Books, 1976). The first complete account was published in the best-selling The Highgate Vampire (British Occult Society, 1985; Gothic Press, 1991). The current Gothic Press edition is completely revised and updated with new illustrations. Final comment on the Highgate case in print appeared in The Vampire Hunter’s Handbook (Gothic Press, 1997) while Carmel ~ A Vampire Tale (Gothic Press, 2000) draws on real experience that is based on the mysterious happenings in and around Highgate Cemetery. These works contain photographs and graphics from the VRS case files. Click on each book title to view individual details, reviews and book ordering information.


*(The Vampire’s Bedside Companion is out of print. All the remaining titles are in print and available from Gothic Press.)



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Vampire X Research X Society

President and Founder:  +Seán Manchester

Vice President: Dr Devendra Prasad Varma

Honorary Life Associate: Peter Underwood

International Secretary:   Dennis Crawford

National Secretary: Katrina Garforth-Bles

London Secretary & PA:  Diana Brewester

Regional Area Secretary:    Robert Finch




“I believe because it is impossible.”

~ Tertullian