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A non-profit publisher who makes available to the wider public works on topics that would otherwise not see the light of day.


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English Gothic:

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Books in print by SeŠn Manchester:

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        The Highgate Vampire ~ The Infernal World of the Undead Unearthed at Londonís Highgate Cemetery

        Carmel ~ A Vampire Tale

        The Vampire Hunterís Handbook ~ A Concise Vampirological Guide

        Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know ~ The Life of Lady Caroline Lamb

        From Satan To Christ ~ Secrets of Witchcraft and Satanism in a Story of Salvation

        The Grail Church ~ It Ancient Tradition and Renewed Flowering



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Bibliographical Information:

SeŠn Manchester is the author of The Grail Church which is partly autobiographical, revealing his spiritual Odyssey, beliefs and authority as an exorcist; Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know which chronicles the lives of Lady Caroline Lamb and Lord Byron, his own illustrious ancestor; The Vampire Hunterís Handbook wherein the plethora of grotesque distortions that abound about the Highgate Vampire case are examined, plus a detailed look at the Kirklees Vampire case, each having been personally investigated by the author; From Satan To Christ which is an autobiographical account of his rescue of a victim and conflict with the rising tide of diabolism. A novel rooted in the Highgate Vampire case, Carmel, offers hitherto unseen glimpses in what is ostensibly a sequal to Dracula; and a gallery of portraits in oils with the artist's comments, titled Metaphysical Meanderings, provides a selection of thought provoking and visually stimulating images.



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